Agricamping Spineta | Pitches for tents, campers, trailers and caravans in Tuscany

Rules and Rates

Rules and Rates of Agricamping Spineta in Cortona

We really wish you a great, comfortable and pleasant stay, therefore it is important that you follow these simple rules to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Access to Agricamping Spineta implies acceptance of specific rules that may be integrated with further provisions by the campsite direction to improve the services offered and guarantee a better functioning of the campsite facilities.

The reception staff will be glad to help you with further information and is available to clarify any doubts you may have.

The campsite staff speaks both Italian and English.

Closing period

Closed from 6 January to 28 February.

Price List

Low Season:

Middle Season:

High Season:

Low Season Middle Season High Season
Camper Low Season € 13,00 Middle Season € 16,00 High Season € 24,00
Tent Low Season € 12,00 Middle Season € 14,00 High Season € 19,00
StarsBOX Low Season € 140,00 Middle Season € 140,00 High Season € 140,00
Adult rate Low Season € 8,00 Middle Season € 10,00 High Season € 12,00
Children (3/10 year) Low Season € 4,00 Middle Season € 5,00 High Season € 6,00
Children (0/3 year) Low Season - Middle Season - High Season -
Extra tent in a pitch Low Season - Middle Season - High Season -
Extra Car Low Season € 2,50 Middle Season € 2,50 High Season € 2,50
Extra Motorbike Low Season € 1,50 Middle Season € 1,50 High Season € 1,50
Pets Low Season € 3,00 Middle Season € 3,00 High Season € 3,00
Camper service Low Season € 6,00 Middle Season € 6,00 High Season € 6,00
Tourist tax (only for children over 12 and adults) Low Season € 1,50 Middle Season € 1,50 High Season € 1,50

Price List - Mobile Home

2 people 3rd pers (over 11 years old) 4th & 5th pers (over 11 years old)
01/03/24 - 23/03/24
03/04/24 - 20/04/24
05/05/24 - 25/05/24
15/09/24 - 21/12/24
2 people € 75,00 3rd pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00 4th & 5th pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00
24/03/24 - 02/04/24
21/04/24 - 04/05/24
26/05/24 - 16/06/24
01/09/24 - 14/09/24
22/12/24 - 07/01/25
2 people € 90,00 3rd pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00 4th & 5th pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00
17/06/24 - 28/07/24
18/08/24 - 31/08/24
2 people € 105,00 3rd pers (over 11 years old) € 15,00 4th & 5th pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00
28/07/24 - 17/08/24 2 people € 130,00 3rd pers (over 11 years old) € 15,00 4th & 5th pers (over 11 years old) € 10,00

Check-ins and Check-outs

The reception is open from 9 am to 7.30 pm.
Upon arrival the clients are asked to provide an identity document.
They are provided with a copy of the campsite internal rules and are assigned to a pitch by the campsite staff.
Clients must declare the number of people staying at the campsite, the exact period of stay and carefully read the campsite internal rules.

Upon departure the pitches shall be left as they were on arrival, otherwise an extra amount will be charged for additional cleaning and for compensation of all possible damages caused by the clients.
The pitch shall be left within 12 noon on the day of departure. After that time an additional day of stay will be charged.
Those who have planned to leave before the reception is open can pay their stay the evening before their departure.

StarsBOX rules

Check-in from 14.00

Check-out before 12.00

The StarsBOX is always cleaned, sanitized and the bed linen changed. Check-in can be don starting from 14.00, while check-out must be done before 12.00, after which it is still possible to stay in the campsite and take advantage of all the comforts. Is is absolutely forbidden to drink, eat, and enter with shoes inside the StarsBOX. In case of bad weather it is possible to postpone the booking and checj a new availability. Below you can find the link for the StarsBOX user guide:

Mobile Home Rules and Regulations

Check-in: 14.00

Check-out: 10.00

Our Mobile Home units are thoroughly cleaned and sanified after each use. Sheets and towels are always all changed.

Check-in starts at 2 pm. Check-out is by 10 am, but guests do not have to leave immediately and can continue to enjoy the agricamping site and make use of all it has to offer for the remainder of the day.

Children up to 3 years old stay is free. For children from 3 to 10 years old, the cost is instead 6 € per day.

Linens are changed weekly but extra changes are available for the cost of € 25. Final cleaning costs € 40. Pets are not allowed. A credit card will need to be presented upon arrival for safety deposit.

Use of Facilities and Equipments

The campsite facilities and equipments, including the swimming pool and the green areas, are for free guest use. The Agricamping assumes no responsibility for any damages due to natural, accidental and unpredictable events.

Guests are required to take care of their belongings. The Direction shall not be responsible for any thefts or damages.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • To throw the rubbish out of the bins provided.
  • To wash up at the pitch fountains.
  • To light fires on the campsite.
  • To dig holes in the ground.
  • To lay cloths, ropes and fences at eye level.
  • To damage in any way the grass or the trees of the campsite.
  • The use of flatiron, electric cooker and fridge with resistor is not permitted because the KW provided free of charge are just for the lighting.


Visitors are not allowed unless expressly authorized by the campsite direction.

Any authorized visitors shall stop at the reception, provide an identity document, pay the daily rate shown in the current price list and leave the campsite within 9 pm.

The direction serves the right, at its sole discretion, not to admit or send away undesirable or disrespectful people and guests in excessive number.

Circulation and Cleaning Services

The silence time is from 1 pm to 3 pm and from 12 midnight to 7 am. Motor vehicle circulation is not permitted during the silence time unless duly authorized by the campsite direction.

Guests are requested to park their car in the dedicated parking spaces.
Outside the silence time cars are allowed to circulate within the campsite but only at a walking pace. Departures are allowed starting from 7.30 am.

The toilet cleaning staff shall display a sign delimiting the area beyond which people are not allowed to go during the cleaning session.
Guests are kindly asked to observe the no-entry sign. Guests are kindly asked to use the toilets in a proper and respectful way.

Free Facilities

The facilities available for free use are: showers, 6A electrical power, camper services and swimming pool.
The swimming pool is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm. The clients of our Agricamping have free access and free use of the pool. It is mandatory to take a shower and disinfection before getting into the water and to use the swim cap.
Guests are kindly asked to maintain an appropriate behaviour (it is forbidden to jump into the water, make noise and use the radio or other devices that may disturb the other clients).

Otherwise the pool lifeguard reserves the right to send away the people who do not respect said rules.

Important: children must be supervised by an adult in the swimming pool at all times.

First aid service: in case of need there are first-aid kits within Agricamping Spineta. In case of illness or accident, guests can contact the emergency number (118) or the emergency medical service (0575 303730).