Campsite with pitches and parking areas in a farm |Cortona|Arezzo|Tuscany

The Farm

The Farm History and its Future

Even before being a campsite, Spineta is a well-established and financially sound farm of Cortona.

Our farm covers 10 hectares and takes its name from the area in which it is situated near Cortona.

Hills harmoniously alternate with valleys covered with cultivated fields of wheat, barley, sunflowers, vegetables, olive groves and orchards.

The farm was purchased in 1969 by Giovanni and Maria Bartemucci, two young farmers from Campania who moved to Tuscany to seek their fortune. They started cultivating this land in a simple way, by growing cereals and fodder for livestock farming, which was typical of this area at that time, and then planted a vineyard.

In the mid '80s the activities of breeding animals and growing vines have been slowly abandoned and replaced by the cultivation of tobacco, which required hard work and sacrifice, until the early 2000s.

In the meantime, their children Luigi and Lucia grew up and helped in the farm as far as they could. The family has further expanded with grandchildren, so they decided to change and give a new face to their farm.

The year 2017 has been the turning point with a radical change of the farm focused on sustainability, respect of the environment and enhancement of the territory that is still developing.

The grandchildren, Sara and Lorenzo, took over the business and the whole family has been involved in the construction of Agricamping Spineta and in the new life of Farm Spineta.

Along with a beautiful traditional olive grove, a new intensive olive grove has been planted by taking advantage of technological innovations that facilitate the oil production process. And they also decided to start growing bamboo, which is certainly new for this territory.

Alongside the new cultivations, the classic production of vegetables of any kind has never stopped, together with a small orchard made available to guests, who can thus admire the wonders of nature.

Giovanni and Maria have always been and will always be the pillars of the family thanks to their dedication, perseverance and long experience.