Camping holiday in Cortona | Agricamping in Tuscany | Arezzo

What to do

Many Travel Ideas for Anyone

You won't certainly get bored during your holidays at Agricamping Spineta.

Our reception staff will be glad to give you advice and recommend the best places to visit according to your needs and interests.

Do you love art towns?

The most beautiful and appreciated towns in Tuscany and Umbria are at short driving distance from our farm campsite.

For instance, you could take a walk along the town walls of Cortona (which is only 10 minutes driving) to discover the main tourist attractions such as Piazza della Repubblica with the magnificent Town Hall and its beautiful City Council Hall preserving absolutely valuable works of art, and Piazza Signorelli, Palazzo Casali hosting the MAEC Etruscan Museum, the Cathedral, The Fortress of Girifalco and the Basilica of Santa Margherita.

Are you passionate about nature walks?

Gli itinerari turistici nella campagna cortonese sono perfetti per il trekking, passeggiate in bicicletta.

Potrete percorrere, per esempio, il sentiero della Bonifica un lungo percorso pianeggiante (62 km) che passa per i Laghi di Montepulciano, per Chiusi, Cortona e Arezzo. L’antica strada utilizzata dai manovali per la manutenzione del canale della bonifica e delle sue chiuse è oggi una meravigliosa ciclabile che attraversa uno dei territori più belli della Toscana.  Se amate il lago la tappa obbligata è il Trasimeno nella vicina Umbria che saprà farvi innamorare con panorami mozzafiato e percorsi pedonali e ciclabili adatti a grandi e piccini.

The tourist routes in the countryside surrounding Cortona are perfect for hiking and bike rides.

For example, you can ride or walk along the so-called Sentiero della Bonifica, a long flat path (62 km) that winds along the Lakes of Montepulciano, Chiusi, Cortona and Arezzo. The old route, once used for the maintenance of the canal and its locks, is today a spectacular cycle path that crosses one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tuscany.  If you love lakes, Lake Trasimene is a must see in the nearby region of Umbria. It will make you fall in love with its breathtaking views and its walking and cycling routes suitable for all ages.

Are you looking for delicious food and wine tours?

There is plenty of choice in Cortona and its surroundings. You can become familiar with traditional food and enjoy local products that are well renowned worldwide such as extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, cold cuts, Chianina beef, Cinta Senese pork and the famous Tuscan wines.

Many wineries await you for tailored wine tasting. And the restaurants know how to treat their customers with traditional specialties. During the summer you will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes at local food festivals like the “T-Bone Steak Festival” or the “Porcini Mushroom Festival”, which take place in August in the Parterre Gardens of Cortona.